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Re: Mail From SUN to Symbolics

> Date: 13 Jan 87  1:04 -0800
> From: Ken Gamble <gamble%noah.arc.cdn%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET>
> Hi
> We have our Symbolics and Sun's networked using TCP/IP and are having
> a problem getting mail from the Sun to the Symbolics (there is no problem
> in the other direction). The problem appears to be at the SMTP protocol
> level.  The Sun starts a connection and the Symbolics says it has an SMTP 
> connection.  The Sun then sends a "HELO Sunname" and the Symbolics never
> replies and eventually the Sun timesout.  We have tried a number of sendmail 
> flags including -ba and -bs but it still hangs on the "HELO" message.  We 
> have tried a manual connect using the mconnect program and have manually
> sent mail using this system, so the connection works.  If anyone has some
> other ideas we might try or have run up against this problem and solved it
> we would be happy to hear from you.  Thanks for your time.
> Ken Gamble
> Alberta Research Council
> Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
> gamble@noah.arc.cdn


I had the same problems going from a SUN to a TI Explorer (in addition
to the SUN->Symbolics problems you mention).  I would expect the problem
is with the SUNs, since the Explorer (and Symbolics) seems to talk fine
to all other hosts.