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Re: Mail From SUN to Symbolics

    DATE:           13-Jan-87 16:46:31
    FROM:           Dan Cerys <cerys@XX>

    > Date: 13 Jan 87  1:04 -0800
    > From: Ken Gamble <gamble%noah.arc.cdn%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET>
    > Hi
    > We have our Symbolics and Sun's networked using TCP/IP and are having
    > a problem getting mail from the Sun to the Symbolics (there is no problem
    > in the other direction). The problem appears to be at the SMTP protocol
    > level.  The Sun starts a connection and the Symbolics says it has an SMTP 
    > connection.  The Sun then sends a "HELO Sunname" and the Symbolics never
    > replies and eventually the Sun timesout.  We have tried a number of sendmail 
    > flags including -ba and -bs but it still hangs on the "HELO" message.  We 
    > have tried a manual connect using the mconnect program and have manually
    > sent mail using this system, so the connection works.  If anyone has some
    > other ideas we might try or have run up against this problem and solved it
    > we would be happy to hear from you.  Thanks for your time.
    > Ken Gamble
    > Alberta Research Council
    > Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    > gamble@noah.arc.cdn


    I had the same problems going from a SUN to a TI Explorer (in addition
    to the SUN->Symbolics problems you mention).  I would expect the problem
    is with the SUNs, since the Explorer (and Symbolics) seems to talk fine
    to all other hosts.  


Here's a report I've seen from another Symbolics/Sun user:

Sun sends only a newline character at end-of-line string. In fact Unix
use only newline as line separator and they save time and space in this
way, because they haven't to remove cr in incoming messages from other
suns on the same network.

However the SMTP server is able to remove the cr character and in fact
it has always been able to receive mail messages from Symbolics hosts,
but the smtp user don't put any cr in the line.

Anyway this is a default that can be modified. In the sendmail
configuration file you can specify a different end-of-line string for a
mailer and so I did.

This is the actual change

old:	"Mether,	P=[IPC], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, A=IPC $h"

new:	"Mether,	P=[IPC], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, E=\r\n, A=IPC $h"

The E flag stands for End-Of-Line.