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misc. annoyances

1> Does anyone have an "autosave" package?  Autosave is a feature
   whereby dirty file buffers are periodically written to a file whose
   name is unusual but can be determined from the name of the buffer's
   file.  A refinement of such a package would be to delete the
   autosave file when the buffer is written, thereby avoiding file
   system clutter.

2> Well, the editor isn't reentrant.  Again.  Could ZWEI compilation
   and evaluation take place in a separate process?  Forms rather than
   strings could be sent, reducing problems with packages, etc.
   *STANDARD-OUTPUT* in this process could be bound to a stream that
   arranges for the ZWEI process to print out routine output, but
   *DEBUG-IO* to the process' Background Interactor.  If the
   evaluation process took a break then ZWEI, which would be running
   be aborted.

   The minor annoyance of shifting to the background interaction
   window for breaks or aborts is far outweighed by the avoided loss
   of C-E and other use of the editor.

3> I don't know if this is the right place to report this bug, but
   I'll do it anyway.  The patch system has no interlocking at all.  A
   while ago a co-worker and I were assigned the same patch number in
   the obvious
      I-read-patch-directory  --- he-reads-patch-directory   ---
      I-write-patch-directory --- he-writes-patch-directory 
   sequence.  The fix is to check that you got the proper version
   number when you open the patch directory for output to write a
   modified version, and to start over completely if you don't.
   Writing a UNIX-style lock file seems wrong here.

Thanks for reading...