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Undigestify for ZMAIL?

    Date: Fri, 29 May 87 16:59+0100
    From: "Juergen Christoffel" <unido!gmdzi!LISPM-1!JC@seismo.CSS.GOV>

	Date: Tue, 28 Apr 87 23:18 EDT
	From: "Barry Margolin" <barmar%Think.COM%unido@gmdzi>

	    Date: Tue, 28 Apr 87 09:17 PDT
	    From: Bagley.PA@xerox.com

	    Has anyone written an undigestify command for ZMAIL that they want to
	    share? [...]

	Symbolics has.  Try M-X Undigestify in Genera 7.0.  There's also a M-X
	Construct Digest.

    Hmmm. I just tried to use it, but I don't find anything to answer when
    asked "Digest Template?". Any hints would be appretiated, because I
    don't have the mailer sources to look for a hint.

m-X Undigestify works fine, and doesn't require any templates.
Just use it.

The m-X Construct Digest is only of interest to people who moderate
digested lists.  I you don't do that, you can ignore it.  If you
moderate (or wish to start) a digested lists, here's an outline of
what you need.

The "Digest Template" query is when you try to contruct a digest with
m-X Construct Digest.  When you're constructing a digest, you have to
take care of the details of that digest's format, such as where to send
the replies, any preamble needed, etc.  Most of these are pretty standardized;
while there is no official document describing the format, there as evolved
a broad consensus as to what format a digest should be in, so that various
mail-reader's "undigestify" commands can work properly.

Once you actually DO have some templates defined to create digests,
the "Digest Template" query does offer help and completion.

Here is an example which takes care of the basics.

(deftemplate info-foobar-template
  (:type :digest)
  (:name "Info-FOOBAR")
  (:available-for-commands :digest)
  (:header-field :from "Info-FOOBAR moderator <INFO-FOOBAR-REQUEST@SCRC-TENEX>")
  (:header-field :reply-to "Info-FOOBAR@SCRC-TENEX")
  (:preamble "Info-FOOBAR Digest      ~\DATIME\

- Throw away submissions.
- No requests.

Today's Topics:

  (:text-from-msgs :template 'normal-digest-inclusion-template
		   :begin-line "
		   :separator-line "

		   :end-line "

  (:postamble "End of Info-FOOBAR Digest"))