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X window system for Symbolics

    Date: Thu 19 May 88 09:51:23-CDT
    From: Jennifer Oppenheim <LRC.OPPENHEIM@R20.UTEXAS.EDU>

    I'm sending this to you in your capacity as SLUG Librarian, hoping
    you have some information for me.  Will SLUG be getting a copy of
    an X11 server for Symbolics machines?  How about CLX for version 11?
    Any information you might have would be appreciated.  Thanks.

    Jennifer Oppenheim
    Linguistics Research Center

No one has submitted an X11 server to the SLUG library.   X10.4 is in
the SLUG library.   It only runs on Genera 7.1.   

I fixed one bug in it that causes things to hang when a pop up menu is
accidently invoked.  There is still a bug which causes removal of
transparent windows to erase the underlying window.   X10.4 also breaks
the operation of the Select Key but not so much that you can't get used
to it.  There are probably many other bugs I have not recognized.

I could use X11 myself especially if it works on Genera 7.2.   I have
stayed with Genera 7.1 because I need either X or a fast telnet server.
The Genera 7.2 telnet server corrected problems and added features
missing in 7.1 but it is too slow.   I hope someone will contribute X11,
if it exists, to the SLUG Library.

  -- Wilson M. Michaels