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creating namespace objects from CP

I have a user who is using a machine currently disconnected from our
local CHAOS network (for some weeks)...  She would like to be able to change
her namespace to add new machines.  One alternative is to edit the
namespace locally, and add changes.  This has to be done each time she
reboots though, so i thought of using the create namespace command which
we can put in an init file...thus:

(cp:execute-command "create namespace object host DAZ :locally yes :property list
     :CONSOLE-LOCATION '("RRC" "4A-820" "Shayne's Office")
     :SYSTEM-TYPE :UNIX42 :MACHINE-TYPE :SUN-3/260 :SITE #<NETI:SITE CTT 12201450>))")

the problem seems to be that this property list, which i got by sending
the host on the namespace server a :property-list message seems to be
parsed in differently than it's printed out.  Has anyone used the create
namespace command like this successfully?

PS: thanks to all the SLUGers who went to Philly for a great get together. 
(And some useful tapes of hacks!)