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creating namespace objects from CP

   Date: Fri, 10 Jun 88 18:06 EDT
   From: pc@ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

   (cp:execute-command "create namespace object host DAZ :locally yes :property list
	:CONSOLE-LOCATION '("RRC" "4A-820" "Shayne's Office")

   the problem seems to be that this property list, which i got by sending
   the host on the namespace server a :property-list message seems to be
   parsed in differently than it's printed out.  Has anyone used the create
   namespace command like this successfully?

I haven't tried it, but I'll bet that the problem with the above form
is that it includes #<...> objects, which are not readable.  You'll
have to use #.(neti:local-network-of-type :internet) instead of
#<TCP:INTERNET-NETWORK...> and #.(send net:*local-host* :site) instead
of #<NETI:SITE...> (I'm not sure if I got the variable right in the
last one, but it's something like that).