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creating namespace objects from CP

    Date: Sat, 11 Jun 88 04:57:07 EDT
    From: barmar@Think.COM

       Date: Fri, 10 Jun 88 18:06 EDT
       From: pc@ctt.bellcore.com (Peter Clitherow)

       (cp:execute-command "create namespace object host DAZ :locally yes :property list
	    :CONSOLE-LOCATION '("RRC" "4A-820" "Shayne's Office")
	    :SYSTEM-TYPE :UNIX42 :MACHINE-TYPE :SUN-3/260 :SITE #<NETI:SITE CTT 12201450>))")

       the problem seems to be that this property list, which i got by sending
       the host on the namespace server a :property-list message seems to be
       parsed in differently than it's printed out.  Has anyone used the create
       namespace command like this successfully?

    I haven't tried it, but I'll bet that the problem with the above form
    is that it includes #<...> objects, which are not readable.  You'll
    have to use #.(neti:local-network-of-type :internet) instead of
    #<TCP:INTERNET-NETWORK...> and #.(send net:*local-host* :site) instead
    of #<NETI:SITE...> (I'm not sure if I got the variable right in the
    last one, but it's something like that).

While it is true that the #<...> stuff won't work in the property list,
there is another problem you will run into in 7.2.  When you use :Create
Namespace Object, you will end up in the namespace editor.  I don't
think that is what you want.  You might try fiddling with
NETI:MAKE-UP-A-HOST-NAMED.  This can make up an object for a chaos host
with the usual services.

Another alternative might be to get everything set right, maybe with the
namespace editor or with the function mentioned above, and save the
world.  This should save all the host objects with the world.