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si:reorder-memory in Genera 7.2

    Date: Fri 8 Jul 88 08:34:17-CDT
    From: LRC.OPPENHEIM@R20.UTEXAS.EDU (Jennifer Oppenheim)

    I recently installed Genera 7.2 on our machines.  I also built a
    utilities incremental world (TCP, Print, etc.) on top of the Genera
    7.2 world, without doing any optimizing of the world.  On top of the
    utilities world, I then built a rather large (45,800 blocks)
    incremental world with the software we develop here.  The software
    calls si:reorder-memory after everything is loaded.  Doing this with
    Genera 7.2 increased the world size by 10,000 blocks.  This seems
    pretty radical.  Has anyone had a similar problem?  Can anyone tell me
    why this might happen?

    Thanks very much.

You should only optimize a world for an IDS if its parent worlds were
all optimized.  It reorganizes everything which was created since the
last optimization, and that means it will move most of what had been
saved into the unoptimized parent(s).