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7.2 terminal woes

    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 16:43:07 EST
    From: bouma@purdue.edu

	 My terminal window worked satisfactorily before I upgraded to 7.2. My
    main gripe with it then was that it was too slow. Well, now it must go less
    than 1200 baud!

    Bill <bouma@medusa.cs.purdue.edu>  ||  ...!purdue!bouma 

    Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 20:55:17 EDT
    From: royt@pravda.gatech.edu (Roy M Turner)

    Overall, I am really pleased with 7.2, but let's face it, the terminal
    emulator is pathetic.  If Symbolics is unwilling (surely not unable?!) to do
    anything about it, does ANYONE out there have code to do a decent, fast vt100
    emulation on the Lispm's? Please?

	    --Roy Turner

The ECO tape that was distributed at SLUG'88 contains many improvements
to the terminal emulator, including a significant performance
improvement.  I don't know whether the ECO tape has been distributed
through normal channels to the rest of the customers yet, though.  You
should probably talk to your sales rep or Customer Support to find out
what is going on with this.