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Symbolics Screen to Mac Files

    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 88 08:34 EDT
    From: mkr@philabs.philips.com

      HEY!! Is there some built-in software that does this (that I am unaware of,
      obviously)??  I already wasted a Friday writing routines that turn multi-
      font files into postscript so they can be printed on "normal" printers...
      was I wasting my time, or what??

You sure did.  The Symbolics LGP2 Printer support is exactly what you need to
generate PostScript for printing out files, screen dumps, and the nifty
graphics stuff new in 7.2.  The support isn't part of the distributed system.
You have to pay a little extra to get it.

The Symbolics LGP2 printer IS a Laserwriter. It's completely dumb that
Symbolics doesn't call a laserwriter a laserwriter, and advertise that they
support potsscript and laserwriters, but some for some reason some bozo in
their marketing department decided that it would be better to call
laserwriters lgp2s.  That way you can keep your customers confused, and some
of them might buy the laserwriter from Symbolics at a marked-up price, instead
of directly from Apple.