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Symbolics Screen to Mac Files

    Date: Tue, 27 Sep 88 08:34 EDT
    From: mkr@philabs.philips.com

     dan at Think.COM says:

      How about writing the symbolics screen into a postscript file, I'm sure
      that must be some postscript ==> macdraw program (or perhaps macdraw can
      read postscript files).
    I say:

      HEY!! Is there some built-in software that does this (that I am unaware of,
      obviously)??  I already wasted a Friday writing routines that turn multi-
      font files into postscript so they can be printed on "normal" printers...
      was I wasting my time, or what??

There are two ways:

1) The documented way (see p.18 of Streams, Files, and I/O):

(setq hardcopy:*default-bitmap-printer*
      (hardcopy:get-hardcopy-device '(:file "path" :lgp2)))

then type Function-Q (or some variant)

For converting text files to Postscript, set
hardcopy:*default-text-printer* and then use the Hardcopy File command.

2) The lower-level way:

(hci::hardcopy-window <window> :printer '(:file "path" :lgp2))

The <window> can actually be any sheet, so if you want to send the
entire screen you can use TV:MAIN-SCREEN.

(hardcopy:hardcopy-file "foo.text" '(:file "foo.ps" :lgp2))