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Mac-like Dynamic Windows?

    Date: Mon, 5 Dec 88 11:59 EST
    From: rjb1%vega%gte.com@RELAY.CS.NET (Richard J Brandau)

    I'm looking for an easy way to get Mac-like windows on the Symbolics
    screen.  That is, I want windows that are painless to reshape and
    relocate, can stack, and will close at a click of the mouse.  The idea
    is for these windows to behave w.r.t. a superior Dynamic Window
    more-or-less like Mac windows behave w.r.t. the Desktop (rather than
    rigidly tiled, like the Symbolics Constraint-Frame approach).  It's not
    "Look and Feel" that I'm after; SunView windows are close enough, too.

    I could define such a window flavor, of course -- and I will, if
    necessary, but I can't be the first to need such a thing.  Anyone
    willing to share their window flavor, or must I hack?

    -- Rich Brandau
    GTE Laboratories Incorporated

In all seriousness, you could buy a MacIvory, which has user-interface
support for using Mac windows directly.  You can use all the things like
table formatting, graphic formatting, GRAPHICS:DRAW-xxx, presentations,
menus, AVV's, etc., on them, and you have to do practically no work to
get this to work.

That is not to say that a native implementation of Mac windows is not a
good idea, but the MacIvory supports it painlessly.