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Symbolics/Intellicorp Announcement


  Burlington, Mass., March 14, 1989 -- Symbolics, Inc., and Intellicorp,
Inc., announced a joint development agreement to provide Intellicorp's 
knowledge-based systems development environment on Symbolics' newest 
workstations. Under the agreement, the companies will work together to
provide a fully supported version of KEE (Knowledge Engineering 
Environment)  for Symbolics' MacIvory and XL400 workstations. KEE is 
currently supported on Symbolics 3600 series workstations.

  The MacIvory is Symbolics' cost-effective solution for the delivery of
knowledge-based applications. It combines Symbolics Ivory processor and
Genera symbolic processing environment with all the features of the Apple
Macintosh II. The XL400, based on the industry standard VMEbus, is 
Symbolics high-end, high-performance development system. Both systems are 
used in the development and delivery of knowledge-based applications such
as expert systems, CASE, CAD/CAM, speech processing and hypertext databases.

  KEE is used to develop knowledge systems for many industries including 
aerospace, energy, defense, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

  "This agreement is extremely important to our customers," said Howard 
Cannon, vice president of marketing, Symbolics, "because it gives them access
to a leading edge expert system shell on our new workstations. It's an 
important part of Symbolics' strategy to support the broadest range of 
commercial artificial intelligence technology."

  "We have a large, loyal Symbolics customer base because of the Company's 
powerful platforms, and expertise in symbolic processing technology."
said K.C. Branscomb, president and chief operating officer, Intellicorp.
"We are pleased to continue to improve our long-lasting relationship
with Symbolics."

  Symbolics, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, Mass., with operations
in Chatsworth, Calif., is the leading provider of symbolic processing systems
used for the development and delivery of expert systems, computer aided
software engineering, (CASE), computer aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE)
and advanced image generation and processing.

  Intellicorp is a leader in developing, marketing and supporting knowledge
processing software, which captures and communicates human expertise and
reasoning capabilities. The company has licensed more than 3,000 copies
of its software products worldwide