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Re: Software License Transferral fee is reasonable if you consider... [Was: Used Symoblics hardware]

    Date: Thu, 6 Apr 89 09:25 PDT
    From: dekleer.pa@Xerox.COM

    re. "You should find this to be an industry standard."  I don't.  On
    what basis is this claim being made.  I find the fee totally

    A clarification question because the note was ambiguous.  Can I transfer
    the license from one machine I own to another?  For example, can I
    transfer the license from a 3600 I might be scrapping to a used XL400 I
    might be buying and thereby save the $10,000 license transfer fee.  

Sorry for the delay in responding.  Regarding your question.  If you own a 3600 and "scrap" it (take it out
of service permanently) you can transfer the license to one other machine you purchase at no charge.

Mike Maione