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mouse handlers

>What's the best way to accomplish the following?
>i have a presentation-to-command-translator which has a :tester whose
>purpose is to make this translate only when over a certain pane of a
>dw:define-program-framework.  I therefore wish to compare the window
>entering the translator with something like
> :tester ((&key window) (eq window (dw:get-program-pane 'my-pane))).

You can check to see if you are in the right program:

:tester ((&key window)
         (and (boundp 'dw:*program-frame*)
	      (typep (send dw:*program-frame* :program)
              (eq window (dw:get-program-pane 'my-pane))))

This will work but there is a hitch.  Do not use dw:*program* instead
of dw:*program-frame* because it will blow up if you use the
presentation inspector.  There is a bug in the PI.  The PI evaluates
testers with dw:*program-frame* bound to its own frame and therefore
claims that your translator is not applicable when it really is.

... andreas ..:-).