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file partitions

    Date: Mon, 24 Jul 89 08:51:03 EDT
    From: bds@mbunix.mitre.org

    I wonder if anyone could explain this.  We have a 3670 with 2 Eagle drives.
    There are 3 file partitions on each drive, 

    fep0:>lmfs.file 100000
    fep0:>lmfs1.file 50000
    fep0:>lmfs2.file 50000
    fep1:>lmfs.file 50000
    fep1:>lmfs1.file 100000
    fep1:>lmfs2.file 50000

    When I run Show Directory at the top level, though, I'm given the following:

    18973 free, 80967/99940 used (81%, 6 partitions) ...

    Does the 99940 refer to the total space in the partitions?  If so,
    why isn't it 400000?

    Thanks for your help.

    Barry Smith

LMFS blocks are 4 times as big as FEP blocks.