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file partitions

   Date: Mon, 24 Jul 89 08:51:03 EDT
   From: bds@mbunix.mitre.org

   I wonder if anyone could explain this.  We have a 3670 with 2 Eagle drives.
   There are 3 file partitions on each drive, 

   fep0:>lmfs.file 100000
   fep0:>lmfs1.file 50000
   fep0:>lmfs2.file 50000
   fep1:>lmfs.file 50000
   fep1:>lmfs1.file 100000
   fep1:>lmfs2.file 50000

   When I run Show Directory at the top level, though, I'm given the following:

   18973 free, 80967/99940 used (81%, 6 partitions) ...

   Does the 99940 refer to the total space in the partitions?  If so,
   why isn't it 400000?

   Thanks for your help.

   Barry Smith

You get one LMFS record for every four FEP records your partitions occupy.
99940 is the correct size... multiply by four and add the inevitable fudge


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