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RE: Unix FTP file protections.

Last week I sent out a question about controlling UNIX file protections with

   Date: Mon, 20 Nov 89 10:13 PST
   From: snicoud@atc.boeing.com (Stephen Nicoud)

   How can I control the default file protections when I create Ultrix/Unix
   files from my Symbolics using FTP or NFS?

Since then, I dug up this message which seems to address the question.

------- Forwarded Message
From: bzs@cs.bu.edu (Barry Shein)
To: info-ti-explorer@sumex-aim.stanford.edu
Subject: unix file protection
Date: 28 Aug 89 21:04:05 GMT

The newest (4.3+) FTP daemon takes the command:

	ftp> quote SITE UMASK 022

or whatever value, it says which bits are to be turned OFF, thus a
UMASK of 022 means no WRITE to GROUP or OTHER (but OWNER has WRITE.)
Similarly, 002 means allow OWNER and GROUP WRITE but not OTHER, 777
would turn off all meaningful bits allowing no one, including the
owner, access.) The three bits are 1=EXECUTE, 2=WRITE, 4=READ, you add
them together for each of the three groups OWNER, GROUP, OTHER.

Hmm, well, it's in the UNIX manual if that's not perfectly lucid
(oops, wrong list.)

Use 022, it's safe enough.

The full sources for the ftp daemon which implements this are
available for public distribution (but not domain) in various places,
I don't remember where off hand, probably BERKELEY.EDU or

	-Barry Shein

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