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POINTER to new address

For those of you who like to track your colleagues, I am no longer at
Advanced Decision Systems in Arlington, Virginia, where I've been since
the spring of 1985.  My new address is:

Mark D. Grover
Oberon Software, Inc.
One Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
(617) 494-0990

Oberon was established on October 1, 1989 by Michael McMahon, one of the
founders of Symbolics.  We are currently designing and building a
software integration environment based on object-oriented database
technology.  We intend to construct a product set of both integration
tools and applications on a popular platform, although for initial
prototyping we are using MacIvories.

- MDG -

PS. Internet mailers using domain name resolvers will have no difficulty
delivering mail to our Dialnet address.  Other sites will need to
explicitly route mail to our address via Riverside.SCRC.Symbolics.com.