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ADVISE and Multiple Values

   Date: Mon, 22 Jan 90 15:06:01 PST
   From: Eric Raymond <raymond@ptolemy.arc.nasa.gov>

   The problem is in the second advise although I gave you all the code
   for this section.  

Well, I haven't tried your code, but I tried some simple cases of advice
with similar style (i.e. function being advised returns multiple values,
advice use multiple-value-prog1), and they returned multiple values

		      Please do not distribute the hacked version of
   #'FIND-FILE (which does work) as it is probably copyrighted.  

You just mailed it to the entire slug mailing list.  Doesn't that count as

   (advise 'zwei:find-file :around 'goto-last-history-position-after-finding-file nil
       (when (cadr 'arglist) (com-goto-last-history-position))))

One possible problem is that the syntax of this ADVISE form is wrong.  You
should quote the name of the function being advised nor the name of the
advice.  ADVISE doesn't evaluate any of its arguments.