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Re: Request for Lisp Interpreter?????

  Date: Mon, 22 Jan 90 15:58 EST
  From: Dale Shanefelt <dale@jazz.alcoa.com>
  Subject: Request for Lisp Interpreter?????
  To: slug@warbucks.ai.sri.com
  I don't believe I am going to ask for this, but here goes...
  Someone here at Alcoa (not me) is looking for a LISP interpreter
  written in C with complete sources and any documentation.  Does
  anyone know the existence of such a primitive beast?

Well, it depends on exactly what he wants.

o xlisp is an interpreter for a lisp like language.  It can be ftp'ed
  from several places including arisa.xerox.com, and handies.ucar.edu

o AKCL is a COMMON LISP compiler and interpreter available from

o Someone at DEC has written a Scheme -> C compiler that produces
  efficient code.

o There are probably  others.
  Please don't take my Symbolics from me for requesting this!!!!

Don't feel bad about asking, this is a good way for some people to
learn about LISP.  When i started at BBN, i gave an intro course in
LISP.  I started out with a very abstract definition of a CONS and
operations on it like CAR and CDR.  No body liked that approach.  They
were used to thinking about computers in terms of bits and registers,
rather than concepts and relationships.  So, we wrote a LISP
interpreter in FORTRAN (actually RATFOR), then everyone understood.