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LISPM I/O performance

    Date: Sun, 21 Jan 90 12:50 EST
    From: "John R. Dunning" <jrd@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com>

    One of the easiest ways to lose performance is to do lots of
    byte-at-a-time operations when you could have just as easily read lines
    or whole buffers-full or whatever.  For 8.0, we've changed around the
    character stream stuff to be buffered (rather than the unbuffered
    approach used in 7.x); that one change reduces character-stream overhead
    by a factor of about 3-4.

Right.  I looked long and hard at doing this for 7.0, but the stream
protocol was too much of a mess, and it was going to be hard to do
without the different layers of buffering conflicting for message names...
Have you organized (not reorganized) the stream protocol?  It *really*
needs it...