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Using Dired and FsEdit on non-lispm files

    Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 16:39:40 MST
    From: drstrip%gnome%intvax@relay.EU.net (David R. Strip)

    When I try to FsEdit or Dired a directory on an Ultrix
    host, if the directory that I am editting has sub-directories,
    the files in the subdirectories (and so on recursively) appear
    in the editor as being in the specified directory. If you then 
    try a file operation on  a file that is not truly a child of the
    directory being edited, then you get an error that the
    file was not found. Do I need some magic flag somewhere to 
    make this work right, or is this just a basic incompatability 
    that one learns to live with.

For the namespace object set the machine type to UNIX42 instead of
ULTRIX. That's due to a bug in Genera 7.x which seems to be fixed in
Genera 8 as far as I can tell.