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    Date: Tue, 6 Feb 90 07:41 EST
    From: theo@fungus.mit.edu (Theodoros Kritikos)

    Does anyone know if two expansion slots of a MacIIcx are enough for the
    Ivory board and the memory expansion board? (I heard that in a MacIIx
    they take up three slots; I need the third and last slot of the IIcx for
    the video card).  Any other problems associated with configuring a
    MacIIcx as a MacIvory?
					    Thanks in advance

This is indeed a win.  Due to the locations of internal partitions in the Mac
IIcx case, there is enough room to install the MacIvory board set in the third
rightmost slot in the case, without covering up a slot.  This leaves both the
other slots available for an expansion memory card (both the NS 8MB card and
the NS 16MB card set will fit) and a video card.  Obviously, this will have to
be a standalone system as there is no slot for a network card.  Symbolics
Engineering in Chatsworth brought a Mac IIcx up via normal procedures without
any special problems.

Note that MacIvory is not currently qualified for the Mac IIci until we
complete support for Apple's 7.0 Mac software.