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Object Databases for Symbolics

We are evaluating how to proceed with a complex software application
running on the Symbolics, which needs to be able to create and maintain
large databases on the Symbolics, without worrying about "saving out" to
maintain a permanent copy of things. The current application is heavily
Flavor based, but with our home-brew tools is slow to "save out" and
will probably chock on retrieval as the knowldgebase gets bigger.

Portability is a later issue, but now we must get things going soonest.
We can deliver for some time on Ivory products, but later want to move
to other platforms. We want to stay object-based, of course, and dont
want to port to "C" or anything else anytime soon.

We are looking into a conversion to G-Base (from Graphael, whose
products are now disctributed by Object Databases, Inc. in Cambridge)
now; we know of course about Statice but have not seen it since its
pre-release version.

Anyone have any experience with these issues? These products? Any
advice? Many thanks.