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7.2 Kermit summary, finally

A long time ago I asked about Kermit for Genera 7.2, then I asked
again for summary to the group. Then I got multiply sidetracked.

Here are the responses. I've cut and pasted from several rounds of
mail messages.


From: Mark Alexander
American Microsystems Inc.
CAD Research Lab.
P.O. Box 967
Twain Harte, CA  95383

I have a version that was hacked originally at Georgia Tech and then I
hacked it some more when I got it.  I use it primarily with dialnet but
it does work with hosts connected directly to the serial ports too.
(This is the way it worked originally, I hacked it for dialnet.)  You're
welcome to a copy if you send me a tape (CART).   Our address is in the header.

>From Monty Kosma
lockheed advanced research

welllll, I've got a version of kermit which runs--sort of.  Actually, if
you close your eyes when compiling it, ignoring all the warnings and
stuff, it pretty much works.  It's quite archaic--I think it was
originally written in genera rel 6, but it's been hacked a bit by some
others and it works pretty well (I've tried send/receive, send/receive
to a server).  It emulates a Heathkit terminal (!) and while this its
emulator is pretty darn useless, it actually provides me with a reliable
way to dial out on our modem (as opposed to using the select-T terminal
thing through dialnet (ack! barf!)).

I wonder if all of these are just several manifestations of the same
version of kermit?  The original rel 6 version was from dekleer at
xerox, and the version I have is a 7.2-ized dekleer kermit.  

I'll be glad to email what I've got to anybody on slug.

oh, I have this thing I got from Chucko at symbolics, which is a new
version of kermit that is RECEIVE ONLY.  Doesn't help me any but it
might be of interest.
From: dekleer.pa@Xerox.COM

You can get that version of kermit from me directly if you want.  Send
me a cartape.  I remember however someone has a better version than that
one.  Perhaps someone will fess up.

I have a marginal one that works for me which I will give you if you
send me a tape.  Its just an adaptation of someone else's which
originally came from LMI I think.  I believe someone else has a nicer
version now, I forget who.  If you hear about it, let me know.  If not,
you can have my crufty one.  I use it primarily to transfer text and
binary files between my machine and my 386.  Works flawlessly for

I'm willing to send the 7.2 implementation, marginal as it is, I have to
anyone who sends me a cartape.  All in all its less pain than sending it
via electronic mail.