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Lisp Systems Manager Position at NASA Ames

			Lisp Systems Manager Position
			NASA Ames Research Center

	Recom Technologies has an opening in the Systems Support Group within
the Information Sciences Division of the NASA Ames Research Center. The 
position requires a thorough understanding of Symbolics and TI Lisp machines
as well as state-of-the-art public domain utilities and software. The 
successful candidate will anticipate and plan for Lisp user community needs,
will evaluate and install new hardware/software, will assist in user access of
network resources and in environment customizations, and will maintain the 
Lisp network and upgrades. Experience with Lisp machines in network 
configurations, Ethernet networks and networking hardware, as well as fluency in
Lisp are required. Good verbal and written communications are essential for 
interaction with the diverse community of researchers. Candidates should have
a B.S. in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, or the equivalent, and 
relevant experience in systems management.

Send resume to:
			Dr. Stephen A. Lesh
			Recom Technologies
			P.O. Box 310
			Moffett Field, CA 94035

			(415) 604-4382