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More on Genera 8.0

    Date: Wed, 21 Feb 90 11:37:58 EST
    From: buff%pravda@gatech.edu (Richard Billington)

    About the ability to run more than one Symbolics from a Sun, as I
    remember it the UX400 needs only a single slot in a Sun, and the
    Sparc 330 (the minimal Sparcstation taking symbolics boards) has three
    slots that it can go in. Does this mean: 1 x SPARCstation 330, 2 x
    additional 300+Mb disks, 2 Xterminals, 3 Symbolics UX400S and software
    YIELDS three near-top-end Symbolics? Do we need more than ethernet
    port to make this work effectively?

Yes, except that SparcStation 330 has only one 9U slot available.  It has two
more 6U slots, but the UX400 board doesn't fit in them.