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Corrupted disk labels

    Date: 21 Feb 90  3:29
    From: razzell%cs.ubc.ca@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Dan Razzell)

    How does one recover from a corrupted disk on a standalone machine?
    Assuming just a few blocks are corrupted, and one of them happens to
    be the label block, what can be done from the FEP to repair them? Or
    do I have to reformat the whole thing?

    In Genera 7.2, the only useful FEP command is Disk Format, and it looks
    like a big hammer. Might there be something more graceful?

The FEP label is replicated a number (like ~ 32) of times, so you must
have more than a few blocks corrupted if you cannot boot Lisp.
Assuming that only some of the label copies are damaged, you can
rewrite them from Lisp.  Look at SI:EDIT-FEP-LABEL in