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I couldn't quite tell where you planned to run Lisp and C.  

On UN*X boxes Franz and Allegro both have the ability to call C
functions, (e.g. the SunWindows notifier) which can then call Lisp
functions (e.g. the function to run when an icon gets selected).  I do
this all the time.  But they will not compile Lisp functions into *.o
files to be included in C applications.  It would be possible, but
difficult, for them to add this ability.  This is partly because Lisp
wants to control the stack its own way (not the way C, FORTRAN and the
rest do), and partly because each .o file would have to include too
much runtime support (like maybe 1 Meg).

On a Lisp machine (like the Symbolics or the TI Explorer) it is very
easy, if you have a C compiler.  There are only two of these, ZETA-C,
and Symbolics C.  Contact me if you would like a details on how they