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Re: Genera 8.0 Announcement/ Documentation

    Date: 2 Mar 90 15:57:00 GMT
    From: groberts@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com, jr@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com


    Customers eligible for Genera 8.0 will receive distribution media, an
    initial documentation set, and one extra documentation set for each
    additional five covered systems at a site.  

With all the discussion, I had to go back and re-read this section (a
couple of times).  There seems to be just enough ambiguity here (given
the liberal application of manditory low-sodium salt grains) 

Just what is being said here?  

    (setq ndoc (+1 (mod (-1 nlispm) 5)))
    (setq ndoc (+1 (min(-1 nlispm) 5)))
or what?

The former seems rather extreme for smaller sites (max 2 sets),
the latter seems rather extreme for larger sites (max 5 sets).

    (setq ndoc (+1 (max (min (-1 nlispm) 5)(mod (1- nlispm) 5))))
Loosely translated:
   1 set per machine up to 6.
   beyond 26 machines, roughly 1 per 5 machines.
Of course, you can fudge the parameters as required.

						Owners of MacIvory and XL400
    systems will receive their distribution on QIC-100 cartridge tape.
    Owners of 36xx family and UX400S systems will receive QIC-11 cartridge
    tape written on 9 tracks. 

Out of the question to distribute for Mac & XL400 on QIC-11?


    Gary Roberts, Genera Marketing Manager
    Johanna Rothman, Genera Program Manager