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Re: 8.0 Documentation

> Date: 8 Mar 90 01:15:50 GMT
> From: bbn.com!mesard@BBN.COM (Wayne Mesard)
> [..]
> In all this fuss, I'm really surprised no one has pointed out that the
> Manual Set is not an atomic unit.  There are only a couple of manuals
> that are likely to be scarce resources at a particular site.  If the
> cost of an extra copy or two of, e.g., 2{A,B} is low, then everyone
> should be happy:

Agreed!  A few years ago at a different company, we ordered the
complete sets and additional volume 2's and 7's only, which were by
far the ones in the most use.  For the cost of one additional set we
got those two volumes for the whole lab.                                 -^-
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