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"Portable" Objects Package Available?

CLOS has been adopted as part of the draft ANSI Common Lisp standard.  It
was inspired by Flavors and Xerox's O-O package called LOOPS (for Lisp
Object-Oriented Programming System, I believe).  There is a
publically-available, portable implementation called PCL (for Portable
Common LOOPS), which is available via anonymous FTP from Arisia.Xerox.COM.
It runs on most popular Common Lisp implementations (including Symbolics).
It's not a complete CLOS implementation, but it should be close enough for
most users' needs.  If you can wait a couple of months, Genera 8.0 will
include CLOS.  I don't know when it's coming out, but Lucid 4.0 also will
include CLOS.  I expect most of the other commercial CL implementations
will be including CLOS in their releases this year; I think Apple will
simply be bundling PCL in with Allegro Common Lisp.