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"Portable" Objects Package Available?

I have a body of code that uses flavors (originally on the Explorer,
now on the Symbolics) that I will have to port several times among
differing LISP machines as well as probably to SUNs. I would like
to use a portable Objects package, if such a thing exists, so I do
not have to modify the flavors stuff every time I change machines. I hear 
that there is a new Common Lisp Objects standard called CLOS.
How "standard" is it? Is source code available that I can 
port to different machines (especially the Symbolics)?
Ideally I would like to have a chunk of Common Lisp code, including 
the CLOS source if neccesary, that can run with few/no modifications on
any standard Common Lisp interpreter.

I would appreciate any suggestions people may have in this regard.


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