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DIALnet via riverside

Friends: Symbolics has for some time been forwarding SLUG mail as a
courtesy to users. When this involves dialing out directly from a
Symbolics' owned machine to a user machine (i.e. via DIALnet, rather
than by direct connect via ethernet), Symbolics pays the phone bills
in addition to maintaining the machines and services on them.

Recently some very heavy traffic has been noted on Riverside, the
machine which does this dialing out from Symbolics in Burlington. We
are talking about very large files, broken up into smaller files for
transfer, but whose total mass requires major computing (slowing down
Riverside, hence it is being noticed) and also significant phone

SLUG and Symbolics respectfully request that users be sensitive to
the use of Riverside for the message delivery, and to use tapes (yes,
we are talking some large files here) when there is significant data
involved. Neither side wants the facility to be abused, and neither
side wants to introduce any constraints on its use. There may come a
time when large files have to be killed, to maintain performance on
Riverside and avoid expensive individual calls, but we are not their
yet. Let's not get there.  Please be aware that the use of DIALnet in
is something that SLUG worked with Symbolics to obtain, and that
Symbolics pays for, as a service to customers.

Thank you.