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Re: TCP password request timeout

There were indeed timing problems with FTP connections in 7.2, some of which
are not fixed by fs:*remember-passwords*.  When we sent our analysis/patch to
Symbolics last fall they said something like our fix would be in 8.0.  It is
possible to get an error on file opening when remembering passwords (and a
less common, related one, when not remembering) due to the interaction of
several processes and their timing.
	(The annoying problem is that you are asked for the password almost
every time after the original 30Minute limit --- After the file timeout
limit, it is reset once a minute.  The nasty timing problem was that a
process could reset the connection after another one had decided to use it,
but before it was actually used -- causing an error.)
	More details available on request.
	Keith Price