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old 3600's never die...

Not wanting to give up hacking lisp machines and join the people using
the operating system of the future, I find myself the sole maintainer
of a gaggle [what's the right word for this?] of 3600's.  These poor
guys are so old and beat up but it's hard to let them die.

Anyway, the consoles are pretty flaky and one of the disks just
crashed (can't read LABL after a power outage).  Is there a cheap
(like within the reach of a grad student's pocket money) source of
3600 monitor parts?  The local hardware guys say the console boards
used to go bad a lot.  Where do I find schematics and service manuals?
Any advice on what do about the disk?  Any advice in general on low/no
budget maintenance?

Anyone have a used lispm they want to donate?


ps Sorry to make the slug list sound like pdp-8-lovers...