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INTERLISP To Symbolics-Common-Lisp

    Date: 4 Apr 90 18:31:28 GMT
    From: gt3563c%prism@gatech.edu (SHANKAR,MURALI B V)

	    I've got some programs that are in XEROX-INTERLISP and i'd like to port
    it to Symbolics Common-lisp. Does anyone have
	    1) any conversion tool to do the same?
	    2) an INTERLISP Package for symbolics-common-lisp?
	    If you do, could you please mail me details at

    Thanks in advance,

The late Envos Corp., formerly Xerox AI Systems, now three people in one
room in one of the many Xerox buildings in Sunnyvale, commissioned a
tool to assist in the conversion of IL to CL (ordinary CL, that is),
which I implemented.

This tool runs in Medley 1.0 or later, and could probably run in the
Lyric release with some tender loving care.  It hardly does everything,
but it does a lot of tedious things and is extensible in a sort of
convenient way.

I'd suggest calling Carl Gadener at Envos, 408-737-4448 and asking him
for a copy.

Failing that, write to me and I'll see what I can do.

			     Eric C. Weaver
			    & Assocs., Inc.
		   Consultant in Symbolic Processing
			  Porting a specialty.