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Symbolics X Server?

   Date: Wed, 25 Apr 90 11:26:36+0900
   From: kddlab!harl.hitachi.co.jp!mklein@uunet.UU.NET

   Is there a (cheap/free, unbuggy) X server available for the
   Symbolics? I use a 3670 running Genera 7.2, with 8.0 to arrive
   only in a few months (I'd rather not have to wait).

Symbolics has an X11R2 server for Genera 7.2, but it's pretty buggy and
extremely slow.  They have an X11R3 server for Genera 8.0; it's not as
buggy, and it's only very (but not extremely) slow.  Both are included as
part of Symbolics's X Window System layered product, the main bulk of which
is their X Remote Screen facility, which allows Lispms to put a virtual
console up on an X server.  X Remote Screen works very poorly in 7.2, but
pretty nicely in 8.0.  I don't remember the price (we bought it from ILA
before they transfered the product to Symbolics), but I don't think it
would be considered cheap.

There's a public X10 server that runs in both 7.2 and 8.0.  It has very few
bugs, it's fast, it's the right price, but it's X10.  I can send it to you
if you want.