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Curious indications that your FPA is gone

Thought you might enjoy this curious little hardware story:

We've a 45 with an FPA. First sign that something was wierd
was that <function> c-<refresh> didn't work right. Then we
noticed that in the editor, if you hit c-n when the cursor
was on the bottom line of the screen (not the bottom of the
file) it either did nothing or eventually (after many strikes)
you'd get an array reference out of bounds error. Finally,
it was when we got a floating point error whenever the Doc.
Examiner tried to format something that we decided "maybe
the FPA is dead". Moved non-fpa microcode, pulled the board,
rebooted with the "new" microcode and it was fine again.

Who would have thought the FPA would influence whether the
dimming of the screen by <function> c-<refresh> worked properly?