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Curious indications that your FPA is gone

    Date: Wed, 25 Apr 90 13:25:32 EDT
    From: buff%pravda@gatech.edu (Richard Billington)

    Thought you might enjoy this curious little hardware story:

    Who would have thought the FPA would influence whether the
    dimming of the screen by <function> c-<refresh> worked properly?

Here's another story about broken FPA's which I think is funnier.  One
day I booted my machine and the output of DRAW-INITIAL-WINDOW looked
funny.  Parts of the display weren't centered correctly, and the little
TM near "3620" was in the wrong place.  I poked around for a while and
discovered that floating-point division was being done incorrectly by my
FPA.  Most of Genera works perfectly well with FP division giving
ridiculous answers...