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Switching Symbolics and Apple Macintosh keyboards

I assume there are a few others out there who use the MacIvory as both a
Macintosh and a LISP machine, and who switch keyboards.

I find the Apple keyboard more suitable for some native applications,
even with the Symbolics changes to allow typing all the codes using
SYMBOL.  But it is not at all well suited to developing Genera code,
even with the Symbolics support for typing everything by using the arrow
keys as shifts.  Furthermore, it seems so ergonomically inferior that it
causes me physical distress after rapid typing for any length of time.

The ADB connector on the back of the Macintosh is only rated for 500
switches.  I understand that replacing it, should it break, is a bit of
tricky soldering.

We have located a company called Network Technologies, Inc. which makes
a two-way ADB switch (none of the bigger outfits, who make similar
serial line and centronix switchers, do).  I honestly don't know why --
perhaps it's for education (like dual steering wheels).  They are in
Ohio, and their "number" is 1-800-RGB-TECH.  This is a brand-new
product, not yet in their catalogue.  In fact, I'm guessing from the
serial number that we have the first production one.  Its number appears
to be SW-4M-2, but I'm sure a functional description of what you want
should be unique.  The cost was less than US$100.

You still have to restart the Mac after switching (the mouse switches
successfully, so that's not as much of a timing feat as it sounds, given
the menu).  But that's still a lot easier than reaching around behind
all the noise insulation.