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Resurrecting a statice FILE-SYSTEM object

Recently, our namespace server crashed and we had to
rebuild the namespace from scratch. However, we had
a statice file system defined at our site which resided
on a different machine. The question is can I resurrect
the namespace object from scratch to point at the original
statice file system or is the statice file system gone to
the bit bucket in the sky. Unfortunately, we did not have
a hardcopy of the namespace objects file. The only
information I know about the original file system namespace
object is:

Type: DBFS
Root Directory: FEP0:>Statice>test.UFD
Pretty Name: TEST
User Property: PARTITION0 FEP0:>Statice>test-part0.file.newest

neither of the following properties are known:

User Property: LOG-DESCRIPTOR-FILE-ID  ???
User Property: DBFS-DIR-ROOT-FILE-ID   ???

                        Keith Ackley
                        Knowledge Based Systems Laboratory
                        Texas A&M University