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Future of Customer Support???

I want to know the future as well.

I've been extremely disappointed with customer support since the change and
refuse to purchase any more Symbolics equipment or software until it improves.
I bought Concordia in March and after getting two MacIntosh tapes and
a long run-around just received a regular tape that I can read.  The
helplessness and confusion that I heard from the Symbolics staff did not give
me any confidence.

Additionally, Symbolics and I just had that rather unnecessary exchange of
"it's broken", "it's the customer's fault", "it is broken", "well we fixed it
this morning", "well the fix doesn't work", "oh, we'll look at it", "then
don't tell me it's not broken and I'm at fault", "here's a fix"...

Additionally, Symbolics seems unable to communicate what it is that they are
planning to do with CLIM.  Can't send me an LGP tape.  8.0's installation
cratered my Suns.  And, of course, it takes around 4 or 5 days to get a call
back from customer support.