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"Hayes Compatible" for dialnet

    Date: Fri, 25 May 90 00:13-0000
    From: p2@Porter.ASL.dialnet.symbolics.com (Peter Paine)

	Has anyone purchased a "Hayes Compatible" modem and successfully run dialnet?
	Would appreciate any advice on purchase and installation of same,


    All UK dialnet users use "Hayes Compatible" modems.

    Our friendly SE, Guy Footring, has issued patches to interface to them.

    The British Symbolics Users Group committee secretary, Peter Magee,
    works for the public telephone company and I feel sure would be happy to
    give relevant technical advice.

This is certainly the case.  Instalation with Guys' (possibly 1logical
0Guys as they may emanate from US) patches was easy although I think they
are now part of the distribution (as of 7.4). What we don't have is
experience using any other modem to compare it with.

    If the UK community can help, mail to

    <= p2

Peter T. Magee