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Building a world with a full who calls database.

    Date: Thu, 31 May 90 13:08 PDT
    From: RDP@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lockheed.com (Robert D. Pfeiffer)

    (Note: This is for Genera 8.0.)

    After reading and re-reading the documentation, I'm completely confused
    about how to build a world with a full who calls database.  The
    documentation appears to be inconsistent and even self-contradictory in
    places.  I think I want to do the following, but would someone
    knowledgeable about this stuff either confirm that this procedure is
    correct or set me straight?

    <cold boot>

    (SI:ENBLE-WHO-CALLS :ALL-REMAKE)	;Because I want everything in the database but I don't want to call SI:FULL-GC.
    (SI:COMPRESS-WHO-CALLS-DATABASE)	;Because of course I want the database to be "more compact and efficient."

    Save World Incremental

Yes, that will do it.

When I'm building our site base band, which has all our local software
loaded in, I also do (SI:DISABLE-WHO-CALLS) before loading the local
software.  This way it doesn't waste lots of time and memory
incrementally updating the who-calls DB, since it will be rebuilt from
scratch by the :ALL-REMAKE.