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Using a ux remotely

>Do I have to run the UX400S's cold load stream from the
>unix host in which it is embedded  ...

The cold load stream's window can appear on any X server.  The embedded
host does not even have to be running a X server at the time.  I always
had to rlogin to the embedded host to start up the UX400, but perhaps
some cleverness with rsh and the like would remove even that restriction.

The following csh command starts up the UX400 quite cleanly, with the windows
appearing on the X server of your choice.

genera -cl-display ${host}:0 -cl-iconic yes -display ${host}:0 \
            -force -autoboot solstice-boot

Where the file solstice-boot contains the two lines


- Steve Olson
  MIT Lincoln Laboratory