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Possible BUG in MacIvory interface to Mac OS

I have run into a problem with MTB::_openResFile, as follows:

Suppose filename is the name of a file that is already open from another
application (under MultiFinder).

If I evaluate:

(mtb::_openResFile filename)

(which ought to report an error) while in Zmacs strange behaviour

The default Font in most windows changes to an unpleasant one (Zmail is
pretty unreadable) and if I choose "Quit" from the file menu, the system
hangs and I have to reboot the mac.

I am still using Genera 7.4 with Mac System 6.0.4.

Larry Baum
Advanced Technology Center              
Boeing Computer Services     uucp:       uw-beaver!bcsaic!lbaum
(206) 865-3365               internet:   lbaum@atc.boeing.com