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Re: Unsubscribe

    Date: Wed, 13 Jun 90 14:32:33 EDT
    From: MEYSTMA%DUVM.BITNET@CORNELLC.cit.cornell.edu (MM438)
    To: slug@Warbucks.ai.sri.com

    Sorry - I've tried sending my message to slug-request, and it doesn't
    work. I would like to be taken off the mailing list. Thank you.

Yes it does work.  Here's your message of just 13 hours before.  I took
you off when I saw that message this morning.  You must have become
confused by getting a bounce message for the bogus address

This reply is *not* so much to say you shouldn't have sent your message
to SLUG but it *is* to tell anyone else on SLUG that
SLUG-REQUEST@AI.SRI.COM is correct and does work.

P.S.  Often people send messages to the whole list apologizing for earlier
messages to the whole list.  Please don't as it just creates that much more

Mabry Tyson

P.P.S.  I was about to suggest an end to discussions about pronunciations
and instead suggest a Birds-of-a-feather session at Stanford!  However the
messages about that have fallen off, thankfully.

    Date:         Wed, 13 Jun 90 01:14:00 EDT
    From: MEYSTMA%DUVM.BITNET@CORNELLC.cit.cornell.edu (MM438)
    Subject:      Signoff
    To: slug-request@Warbucks.ai.sri.com, slug-adm-request@Warbucks.ai.sri.com

    Sorry to bother you. Please remove my name from the SLUG mailing list.